My daughter Elissa was 36 and living in Paris with her husband, Joe, and was going to pursue writing for magazines for young adults and adolescents.  Elissa was talented in these fields, edited high school and college magazines and wrote a lot always.  Her observations about the world, in which she traveled to all continents except Antarctica were poignant, insightful and funny.  Elissa volunteered in Zambia, Africa, for her Masters in Public Health, for a semester.  Although she found it tragic and somewhat hopeless, she made friends.  She died when traveling with her father, husband, brothers and their girlfriends on a sailboat in Jost van Dyke off Tortola, British Virgin Islands.  They were visiting the “Bubble Pool,” a reportedly safe site, when a wave knocked her into a tunnel of currents and she, a good swimmer, drowned.  Her husband, Joe, and brother, Paul, risked their lives to save hers.

Everyone’s loss is equally tragic and COPE helps me alot.  Wed, March 9, was the fourth anniversary of her death. Her brother, Paul, will be married in April.  It won’t be the same without her, but we will have a wonderful time as Elissa would have wanted.  Thank you for keeping a piece of who she was alive.

– Dolores Bradley