April, 2017

Apr 28, 2017 | COPE Contributors

Words from COPE President and Founder, Lillian Julien 

Dear COPE Families,

As we look forward to warmer temperatures of spring, we anticipate the coming holidays.

No matter how many years have passed, holidays bring up those we are missing and how much they’re missed.

From year to year it changes since it’s no longer a traditional holiday get together.

Once I planned ahead with hopes of everyone being together.

Now with so many missing, I’m no longer quick to make my plans.

Now I find myself letting go.

My daughter recently related a simple takeaway from a workshop she attended. If we focus on the “What IF” it takes us away from the “What IS.”

It’s easy to look back and imagine “What if… “

It’s natural to look forward and anticipate “What if I do this?” or ”What if I do that?”

It’s more challenging to stay with “What IS” and explore your options.

You can ask yourself, Who do you want to be with? What feels safe?

You might go to a support meeting. Hear what others are doing. Share tools.

Keep in mind that everyone is different.

Keep the focus on what feels right for you.

Check in with yourself and go with the flow.

And make the best of what IS, embracing the love that still surrounds you.


COPE President and Founder



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