April 2018

Mar 29, 2018 | COPE Contributors

Dear COPE Families,
I’ve been talking to the other side for 26 years. This past week, it brought tears to my eyes and pain to my heart to add my mother to that circle of souls.
During the time prior to her passing, I spoke to her even though she wasn’t responding. I didn’t know if she heard me as she seemed to be traveling back and forth between worlds. I realized I was already speaking to her soul.
As I laid with her, I was reminded of my conversation in January with a healer in Sedona. She told me we can still hug our loved ones even when they’re no longer here. We can even hug a tree. And when we are thinking of them and hugging and holding another, they can feel that love. As I held my mother, I thought of my daughter and hugged them both.
Depleted from grief and the holidays, a time when we miss our loved ones most, we need to fill ourselves with lots of hugs through whomever and whatever we love.
COPE President and Founder