“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” — Henry David Thoreau

When we lose someone we love, we lose a piece of ourselves. After such catastrophic loss, we have to find ourselves again.

At first we may not have the energy to care. It takes all of our energy just to survive. When our pain becomes too great, we look for anything to distract ourselves. We begin to wonder how we’re going to fill this empty place inside of us. We search for ways to fill our loneliness. We need to dig deep to find the things that used to excite us. We can begin by becoming more aware of our responses to people, places, nature, animals, and the activities that are calling us.

Through COPE’s healing series, we offer programs to help you find your way back to a life after loss. Yoga puts you in touch with your body and helps you find your center, and also relieves stress. For those who enjoy working with your hands, art, crafts, gardening and woodwork are a way to find peace and even a meditative connection to your loved one. Reiki, sound healing, music, dance and drumming are powerful healing modalities. In August, COPE is offering a Tai Chi workshop to teach meditative movement.

Together, we can explore ways to find ourselves again as we learn to live with our loss.

Wishing you healing days of summer.