Healing Tip – October 2021

Grounding Exercise

Bereaved individuals often have “grief-bursts,” or a sudden onset of feelings of sadness or sorrow usually triggered by a reminder of their loved one –  a song, picture, or memory. Grief-bursts are normal and expected, but as they can come on without warning they can be distressing and overwhelming. 

Using a simple grounding exercise can sometimes help bring you back to the present moment. These do not need to be complicated or involved; just a brief pause to provide the distance and space necessary to collect your emotions and calm your mind.  One option to bring yourself out of a difficult emotional state is to focus on your physical experience with a quick body scan. Check in briefly with your body from head to toe for 1-2 minutes. Notice without judgment how your body feels, where you are holding tension or discomfort, and where you feel release.  You might also focus on your body’s experience of your external environment by doing a scan of your five senses. Take 1-2 minutes to notice one thing each that you can see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. Try to notice the little things you might not otherwise pay attention to. Bringing awareness to the sensations you are experiencing can ground you in the present time and place and help you ride the wave of the distressing emotions brought on by your grief-burst. 

You can practice these simple exercises in your daily life so you feel more comfortable with their use during distressing moments. It can also be useful after a grief-burst to return to the processing of that memory or the emotions it elicited when you are feeling in a safer or more comfortable place whether on your own, with a therapist or trusted support person, or through a therapeutic outlet like journaling or running.

“How Long Does Grief Last?” with Mark Henricks

Please join us online Tuesday April 27th at 6 pm Eastern for a special workshop “How Long Does Grief Last?” with Mark Henricks

Presented in partnership with Pinelawn Memorial Park And Arboretum

Date: Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Time: 6pm Eastern

Location: Online – a secure Zoom link will be provided to registrants.

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“How Long Does Grief Last?” with Journalist Mark Henricks

Contrary to popular belief, decades of research into experiences of bereaved people shows grief DOES have a schedule – or, rather, schedules. There is a lot of individual variation. But most grief experiences track a handful of routes.

At this seminar, bereaved father and journalist Mark Henricks will share the scientific evidence about what bereaved people can probably expect in the months and years ahead. You’ll hear about the most likely length and intensity of future grieving episodes. You’ll see evidence supporting the idea that no matter what you feel and when you feel it, it’s probably normal.

And, if you’re worried about forgetting your lost loved one, well, you will learn you can probably forget about THAT happening, even if you live to 100.

Learn more about Mark and his work, click here. 

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Click here to register with Pinelawn and join – limited space available

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COPE Walk 2020

COPE Walk 2020

Join us for COPE Walk 2020!

Each year we walk to honor our children, siblings and loved ones who have passed and to support COPE families and the grieving community. 

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Healing Tip – August 2020

The term compounded grief is exactly that, when all of our grief from over a lifetime gets lumped together, and then causes us to downward spiral over one tragic event. 

Every single person has their own way to deal with grieving and death, but it is important to help yourself heal through those events. Think of a vulnerable structure, like a bridge made out of paper, as you start piling more and more onto this already damaged structure, it will give out. That vulnerable structure represents you as you deal with grief and coping skills. Being able to acknowledge our grief and move through past traumas will help us to rebuild through each event. Remember that although our grief is different from one person to the next, we can all benefit from building a toolbox full of coping skills. 

Don’t forget to utilize not only COPE Bereavement groups, but all of the workshops that will fill up your toolbox!