COPE Healing Tip February 2018

Jan 30, 2018 | Healing Tip

Nurturing Your Body

By our new Clinical Director, Michelle Graff  

We know that the grief process can put a tremendous strain on us emotionally, but what about physically? Studies show that when we are grieving, our bodies produce stress hormones that can cause aches and pains, digestive, appetite and sleeping issues, headaches and make us more vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections. In the midst of grief, we often forget that our physical health is just as important as learning how to cope with feelings associated with loss.

Have you had a physical lately? Do your doctors know that you are grieving? They should! It is best to let all of your doctors know that you have had a loss…yes, even the dentist.

Nurturing your body is imperative. In this New Year, make a promise to yourself to take care of your mind and body. While coming to a support group or seeing a therapist is great for the mind, make it a priority, if you haven’t yet this year, to get a physical. Talk to your physician about anything that has changed for you since the loss of your loved one. A healthy balance in your body can help you find a healthy balance in your mind.