COPE Healing Tip January 2018

Dec 26, 2017 | Healing Tip

Yoga for Grief

We can move through grief with a practice that connects body, heart and mind while offering strength and comfort in the present. Now that the holidays are over, and we are moving into a new year we can reflect that they may not have been a time of joy and celebration, and navigating them may have felt like an emotional roller-coaster ride. One minute, you’re laughing with family during a festive feast, the next you’re in tears, overwhelmed by sudden memories of your lost loved one. Whether you’re dealing with a recent loss or older, complicated grief, a nurturing, heart-opening yoga practice may help you move through your grief. Using yoga as a form of self-care can help you process grief and recharge your emotional batteries.

One of the reasons that yoga is helpful is that it works both mind and body and we know that we feel loss both physically and emotionally. Yoga practices have been shown to effectively treat the stress and depression that can be associated with any kind of loss. In fact, a growing body of research shows that both the positions of yoga and the breathing practice can improve your mood and soothe your nerves so that you can be happier and calmer under pressure, and more resilient during times of grief.

Here is a link to a series of poses to help heal your heart: