Letter to My Son

By David Bach

Read at his son’s unvieling


Dear Philip

You are the love of my heart and my son first born

This last year for you I have grieved and I have mourned

Your presence is gone so I cry, yell and moan

The loss feels more cold and solid than this engraved stone

The chair where you sat on Friday nights is now so void and bare

Taking out the challah we miss your sweat Sabbath prayer

Each time I see a double decker bus or hear your favorite song

To smell your sweet fragrance or feel your gentle kiss do I so long

I cried when I saw that book which to you I would read

Had been made into a movie and has Meryl Streep as a lead

Memories of you are as sweet to me as honey in spring

Then rushing in comes the pain as sharp as a bee’s sting

Oh my boy why is it that from us you had to be taken

Leaving your family so all alone, sad and shaken

So here we stand and pray for God to take care of your soul

Knowing that our family will never again be quite whole

But I know you would not want us to live a life of sadness and dread

With much happiness would you want God to bless our family to have ahead

As I now close this letter to you with a tear and cry

Know that to you I can never quite say goodbye

For as long as my love for you will remain in my heart

From my life your presence will never really depart