My son Jesse passed away Dec 13, 2013 (8 months ago). His 21st birthday should have been September 4th. He was a talented drummer and comedian. He was a college student. He was sweet and compassionate and came to the aid of anyone who needed help. He made me laugh all the time. I miss him terribly. My heart is broken. 9/4/93-12/13/13💔 He left behind myself and three brothers.
– Nancy (Jesse Barnett)

Today we celebrate the day I gave birth to my wonderful, kind, loving, smart baby son! I celebrate all the joys he has given me throughout our lives together up until the last day! My son is in my ❤️ Heart forever! Love you, Carmine. I feel you!
– Martha Guarini for Carmine

“Joy shared is multiplied.
Sorrow shared is divided”

I found this prophetic message in a Chinese fortune cookie.
To me these words are the purpose, cornerstone and foundation of COPE.

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.

They may leave our lives,
but they will never leave our hearts.
– Marika Spizz