“Awaken Your Senses” by Christine Cherpak


Dear Fellow Grieving Siblings,


Please join me in welcoming the beautiful month of August! I hope that you find the time to stop and enjoy the simplicities of life such as soaking in a few rays of sunshine and/or listening to the ebb and flow of the sea. Such acts are sure to renew your spirit.


Please let me know if you have any suggestions and/or comments. And do not hesitate to let me know if I can be of any assistance. Also, consider submitting your own work of art as a feature for one of our monthly pieces. Establishing a memorial foundation in honor of your loved one is also a work of creation. If you would like your organization to be highlighted be sure to provide us with the details! I wish you a blessed August.






I encourage you to journey within yourself to see what you discover. Perform this exercise on multiple occasions. Just as a rose is comprised of multiple layers of petals, you will be amazed at your diverse experiences. Meditate on them and integrate them to reveal your inner beauty—just as individual petals are integrated to create a beautiful rose. As Blessed Pope John Paul II proclaimed, “[b]e not be afraid” of going where they might take you.