Crazy Upside Down Life

Sep 28, 2016 | Poems & Writings

Crazy Upside Down Life

In memory of my beloved son, Jay Jimenez     – E. J. Barbera


Sun’s out at night, moths fly from flame

What went left now goes right

Nothing will ever be the same.


Two plus two no longer four, stars visible by day

Can’t make sense of things no more

Not since he went away.


Clouds are blue, sky is white, the shore holds back the sea

What was high, now is low

He was the world to me.


The princess doesn’t kiss the toad, the dragon slays the prince

The rubber never meets the road

And nothing’s been right since.


The silent scream is much too loud, rain falls up to the sky

Three is company, two’s a crowd

Why did he have to die.


The speed of light more slow than sound

Water freezes in the heat

Never again on solid ground

While his grave lies at my feet.


A “new normal” so they say,

“The lips of fools bring strife” (Prov. 18:6)

No, can never be normal without him here,

I reply, a new crazy upside down life.