Transformational Grief Resources & Support with Adam Rabinovitch, Executive Director of COPE

Oct 19, 2022 | COPE in the Media

Have you found on your grief journey that the resources were few and far between? Maybe they all said something similar without being overly profound or helpful.

I’m proud to share this week’s conversation with you, as it centers around grief resources and support that are truly transformational and come from COPE, which is a nonprofit grief and healing organization dedicated to helping parents and families living with the loss of a child.

Adam Rabinovitch is the Executive Director of COPE and he joins me for this episode. Previous to COPE, he was Executive Director of GOAL – a nonprofit educational program that provides children from under-served communities with the resources to help them get the most out of their education.

Prior to that, he was Deputy Director of Neighbors Link, a nonprofit committed to strengthening the healthy integration of immigrants in local communities. 

Adam is also proud to serve on the board of Babies and Mothers Alive, a non-governmental organization and social enterprise dedicated to improving the lives of children and families in East Africa. 

**TRIGGER WARNING** This episode covers sensitive subject matter and is not suitable for all listeners. If this topic could be a trigger for you, listen to this episode with a friend, a sibling, a loved one, or a parent so you can talk about any emotions that come up for you. The contents of this episode are not intended to replace therapy and should not be taken as such. If you need immediate help, please call the crisis hotline listed below in our resources.

Listen in as we talk about in Episode 61

  • [2:10] Adam’s own journey through grief with the loss of his sister as an infant
  • [3:25] How his sister’s death didn’t impact him the same way as his family
  • [9:05] What COPE is and how it started
  • [12:25] Three critical programs COPE offers
  • [14:00] How families can get support at no cost
  • [20:40] Types of support offered by COPE
  • [26:20] Camps through COPE that are associated with grief and loss
  • [33:50] How to volunteer with COPE

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