“Signs & Synchroncities: Those Whispers of Love & Signs of Hope”

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June 16th at 7 pm Eastern
“Signs & Synchronicities: Those Whispers of Love & Signs of Hope” with Special Guest Mitch Carmody
Hosted by COPE Founder and President Emerita Lilly Julien
This presentation will introduce Mitch Carmody’s philosophy of Proactive Grieving which provides tools to the griever which allows them to gain control of how their journey is processed.
It will identify who you are as a griever.
What is crazy?
What is normal?
Where do I go from here?
How to I find hope?
Part of the grieving process includes getting, not getting or dismissing signs, dreams, visions, voices and apparitions from our loved ones who have died.
A slide show with powerful anecdotal evidence will be presented which may validate experiences of your own and or identify ways to be more perceptive to finding those whispers of love that surround us.
There is also much evidence to indicate that some signs happen prior to the death, in dreams, prior letters, computer files, and even odd behaviors just prior to the death that gives one pause. This also includes phenomenon experienced in the dying process where deceased relatives are seen prior to or during active dying.
These will all be explored, and time allowed for sharing of you own whispers of love and Q & A.
About Mitch:
Mitch Carmody, GSP, CCP is a prolific writer in the grief world, and the author of “Letters To My Son, turning loss to legacy” which has been sold worldwide.
Mitch is the former host of his own radio show “Grief Chat” and he supports grievers daily from his website. He is an accomplished portrait artist and has created hundreds of memorial Life Portraits for the bereaved worldwide. He is the creator of the innovative “20 Faces of Grief” therapeutic grief assessment cards and workshop.
His S.T.A.I.R.S. model of grief processing through Proactive Grieving® is reaching grievers worldwide as well as his Somatic Integration stress management workshop focusing on the mind, body, soul and spirit connection that he calls The Four Pillars of Equilibrium.
“Whispers of Love, signs from our loved ones” has been one of the most attended workshops on grief and continuing connections in the country.
Learn more and connect with Mitch at:
Date: Wednesday June 16th 2021
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Online: Secure Zoom Link to be provided to registrants
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