The Shape of Your Heart: Expressive Arts Processing in Grief

The Shape of Your Heart: Expressive Arts Processing in Grief


Apr 26 2022


7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Online Grief Workshop in partnership with Pinelawn Memorial Park and Arboretum: “The Shape of Your Heart: Expressive Arts Processing in Grief” with Joanna Warren, MPS, LMHCA

By using simple art materials, we will explore together the current shape of our hearts and what fills it up. In grief, it often feels as if something is stolen from us; like our identity is missing a piece. It’s hard to come back from that. Art Therapy is a modality that allows us to use non-verbal processing through art-making to explore experiences existing within our depths, often what feels we have no words for. During this workshop, we will mindfully witness the current state of our hearts and then have a chance to alter this representation, offering an opportunity for control when we may feel we have none. I look forward to spending time with you to reflect on these very important moments in our existence and hopefully acquire footing.

Please have the following materials on hand for the workshop: A few sheets of paper, scissors, drawing materials of your choice, glue/tape (optional), and a magazine (optional)

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Disclaimer: The information shared in this program is not intended to act as a substitute for any legal and mental health advice concerning individual situations; neither Pinelawn Memorial Park or COPE, its Board of Directors, staff and personnel shall be responsible for any outcomes arising from any information or exercises provided in this program.