February, 2017

Jan 30, 2017 | COPE Contributors

Words from COPE President and Founder Lilly Julien

“On the outside I’m trying to be brave and tough. On the inside my heart is breaking.”
These were the words my daughter, Michelle, wrote in a letter home from camp when she was 7 years old.
I hear her words resonating in my thoughts as January 25th approaches—25 years since she passed.
Isn’t that what we do—try to put a smile on our faces when inside we’re feeling sad, anxious and vulnerable?

25 years ago, I wasn’t only broken. My heart was shattered. It’s taken years and years to find the tools to pick up the pieces. I have read books, attended conferences, followed speakers—Brian Weiss, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross… I have seen mediums. I have engaged in art therapy. I have done Reiki and sound healing, yoga, dance trance, and meditation. I have had massages and watsu, done breathwork and shamanic journeys. I have explored any path that offered a possibility of connecting with my daughter, and finding another piece of my heart.

25 years later, I am still working to put together those shattered pieces, and as I do, I continue to find connections. Each piece brings me closer to Michelle with a higher awareness and an inner peace.

Love is the peace and the piece that can never be destroyed. Love is the connecting piece to all that was and all that will forever be.

“We are all connected” were the words I heard in my head on the day my daughter died. 25 years later, I can feel a connection that I didn’t feel that day. Each time that I open myself to opportunities to connect, there are new possibilities and our connection grows stronger…Connecting Our Paths Eternally.

Love to each of you as together we COPE.

COPE President and Founder

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