Healing Tip – August 2020

Aug 1, 2020 | Healing Tip

The term compounded grief is exactly that, when all of our grief from over a lifetime gets lumped together, and then causes us to downward spiral over one tragic event. 

Every single person has their own way to deal with grieving and death, but it is important to help yourself heal through those events. Think of a vulnerable structure, like a bridge made out of paper, as you start piling more and more onto this already damaged structure, it will give out. That vulnerable structure represents you as you deal with grief and coping skills. Being able to acknowledge our grief and move through past traumas will help us to rebuild through each event. Remember that although our grief is different from one person to the next, we can all benefit from building a toolbox full of coping skills. 

Don’t forget to utilize not only COPE Bereavement groups, but all of the workshops that will fill up your toolbox!