Healing Tip – January 2023

Dec 23, 2022 | Healing Tip

A new year often comes with resolutions with the goal of doing or being “better.” 

For 2023, we hope that instead you all resolve to treat yourselves with compassion and kindness, be gentle with your hearts, and reach out for the support you need to cope with your grief. 

With sincere gratitude, we would like to provide a reminder of the incredible individuals who shared their grief journeys and bereavement expertise with COPE and its community this past year for you to use this coming year as you are looking for tools and opportunities for connection, healing, and support: 

Shaina Fawn, LCSW https://www.therapeuticbridges.com/ 

Mary Clohan and Ed Zareh https://www.longlostjohn.com/ 

Josh Robinson https://joshrobinsondrums.com/ 

Heather Stang MA C-IAYT https://heatherstang.com/ 

Lynn Trotta https://www.lynntrotta.com/ 

Kathy Eldon https://www.kathyeldon.com/ 

Danaelle Rodriguez, RYT 200 https://danaelle.info/ 

Carla Blowey https://www.dreamingkevin.com/ 

Joanna Warren MPS, ATR, LMHCA https://joannalynnwarren.com/ 

Amy Gross, PhD https://pausetobepresent.com/

Janet Zimmerman, LCSW-R https://www.lipetloss.com/ 

Irene Hajisava, LCSW https://irenehajisava.com/ 

Susan Capurso CEOLD https://susancapurso.com/ 

Judy Lipson https://www.judylipson.org/ 

Jean Kaiser, Advanced Reiki Practitioner reikipeace2day@gmail 

Jody Cukier https://www.jodycukier.com/ 

Michael Trotta https://www.storymischief.com/ 

Maya Roffler https://www.thesurvivingsiblings.com/ 

Lisa Strahs-Lorenc https://www.familiesmoveon.com/ 

Pregnancy Loss Support Program https://www.pregnancyloss.org/ 

Cara Martinisi https://lovefromheaven.org/ 

Robin F. Goodman, Ph.D., A.T.R.-BC https://www.drrobingoodman.com/ 

Susan Lax https://susanplax.com/ 

Warm wishes for a peaceful new year, 

COPE Foundation