Healing Tips – August 2019

Aug 2, 2019 | Healing Tip

Another Year Has Passed
Greeting milestones with mixed emotions is normal when you are grieving. For some, the future that was filled with possibilities may now feel as though it is met with the anticipation of what’s next. For others, the passage of time brings the slightest bit of peace as wounds begin to close. Learning to mourn the past and perhaps the future of what could have been, while at the same time being present in the moment, and even be able to experience positive emotions is important to the grieving process.
Over time you may feel as though your memories of the past grow more distant, or that your loved one has become a memory. Time can fly, while at the same time stand still. Places change, people change. This all happens as those who are grieving grow into what can be described as their new lives, ones where their hearts learn to beat with the hole that has been created by the loss of their loved one. Yet, time forges forward. Whether you feel as though time is standing still or whizzing by, remember to be in the moment and accept that wherever you are on your journey is ok. 
Michelle Graff, LCSW
COPE Foundation Clinical Director
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