Hugs From Heaven – A Loving Tribute to My Son, Heath
By Esther Bogin

It has been four years – March 8, 2015 at 11:39 a.m. – four years. Here I am, living my new normal as my reality. Every day I say Kaddish (the mourner’s prayer) and every day I think of you.

On some days one of our songs (Livin’ on a Prayer or Don’t Stop Believing) plays on the radio and there you are – hugs from heaven. Some days a car with the license HAB (your initials) pulls in front of me. There you are – hugs from heaven. What about those precious moments your beautiful daughters look or sound just like you? There you are – hugs from heaven.

When I enjoy having the choice of lamb chops on the menu of a fine restaurant, and I realize that is exactly what you would order, there you are – hugs from heaven.

The red cardinal perched on my deck, the 8:04 on the clock, those real dreams, that special sunset….there you are. All of those unplanned and unexpected, surprising reminders. Reminders that are inside and outside of me. There you are – hugs from heaven.

Let’s face it, Heath, my grieving for you is an on-going process that will only end when we are joined together again. At that time the hugs from heaven will be eternal; just as my love for you is eternal. You see, in my heart of hearts, I know you are with me all of the time. How do I know? I know from your welcomed and precious hugs from heaven.