Dec 10, 2014 | Poems & Writings

You departed from this Earth six months ago,
During your illness you told me I’d have to let you go;
While I could no longer bear to see you in that state,
I could not comprehend how this could be your fate.
In your 20 years of life you accomplished more than most,
You had it all – brains, talent, looks – but never a boast;
Modestly and quietly you worked hard to reach your goal,
Becoming a doctor, caring for others, was your desired role.
In June of ’88 the long awaited letter came one Saturday.
You’d been accepted to medical school for September ’90, hurray!
Three months later, after a brief illness while at school
We were informed you had a brain tumor, how so very cruel;
During extensive treatment you fought with all your might,
‘Til another tumor was found and you began to lose your sight;
Only then did you cry and scream “this just is not fair”
Researching all the treatments, we knew a cure would be rare;
I knew your illness was nature’s mistake someone had to clear,
I offered myself, hoping the God I was told about would hear;
I believed if one were pure in heart, towards others caring and kind;
It would protect one from the evils of life, a justice I opined;
In the final analysis, it doesn’t matter the kind of life one leads,
Life or death decisions surely cannot be determined by one’s deeds;
If goodness of actions and pureness of soul were the final test,
You would still be on this earth, not in a grave laid to rest.

written by Iris R. Bragin in
memory of her daughter Dana who
died 11/17/89 at the age of 20