January 2018

Dec 27, 2017 | COPE Contributors

Words from COPE President and Founder, Lillian Julien  

Dear COPE Families,

Since loss drastically changed our lives, any change can be difficult.

At a time when I was filled with fear, a therapist suggested I look at each day with “curiosity” rather than “anxiety.” As we begin 2018, I’m “curious” about what the new year will bring. 

Moving COPE from Eisenhower Park to Cedarmere in Roslyn will be challenging for some. However, we undergo this change together, and the precious friendships made through COPE are constant.

This will be the 3rd time COPE is moving as we’ve grown. It is because of our prior moves that it was important to me that something of permanence be left behind. 

The labyrinth is the mark of COPE, a small park within a park with dedicated benches and a circle of bricks in memory of our children, siblings and loved ones. They continue to inspire and connect us. 

I have been told that many families visit the labyrinth instead of the cemetery, leaving balloons, flowers, stones, and objects behind. Many go there to walk the path and many to just sit and contemplate by the rose garden and lake. 

COPE will continue to plan healing programs and dedications at the labyrinth to honor our children. The labyrinth is a meeting place, as will be the beautiful and picturesque grounds of Cedarmere.

We look ahead to being at this peaceful location by the water and gardens with new possibilities for healing events and solace. 

Wishing you a safe New Years with love, peace and good health in 2018.