June 2018

May 28, 2018 | COPE Contributors

Dear COPE Families,

There are circumstances in every relationship that may cause us moments of regret. 

With grief comes regret. Regret for all that we’re missing…regret for all that our loved ones missed. Regret for what we didn’t say…regret for what we didn’t do.  Why is it easier to be pulled to a negative thought rather than a positive one?  Why do we torment ourselves? Why is it easier to stay in pain for lack of what we cannot change?

At Camp Erin NYC, a program of COPE, grieving kids raise their voices throughout the weekend and shout, “NO REGRETS!”  In my moments of regret, I try to shift my thoughts to those young children and remind myself, “I was doing the best I could under the circumstances.” 

In June, we think of fathers here and everywhere. We send love to everyone missing a father and to all those missing a child. 

COPE President and Founder