Let us be a Lifeline

Aug 16, 2023 | COPE Contributors

LIFELINE LIFELINE BLUEGrief can be overwhelming and powerful. It can keep you isolated and alone. It can have devastating consequences. It can shatter the world as you know it. Nearly 2.6 million people die in the United States annually, leaving an average of nine grieving people behind. That’s 26 million grievers in just one year. Read that again: ONE year. 

Grief can take so much away – but we are there to fill the gap with hope. 

For the tens of millions of grievers who join the club they never wanted to be a part of – this year and every year after it – let us be a Lifeline.

Let us be a force more powerful than the power and grip of grief. 

COPE exists to provide critical support and tools for grieving individuals who’ve lost a loved one. Our belief is that no one needs to grieve alone, and with a lifeline and circle of support, individuals can find their strength from within to face the difficult journey ahead – in community. 

You may have experienced loss. You may know someone who has. You may be the kind of person who believes that the pain of people who live across the country is just as real as the pain of the person who lives next door. We see you and we want to invite you to be a part of this community of support. 

Joining us at The Lifeline helps ensure that we can sustainably deepen our impact by reaching more grievers in need. 

COPE literally saved my life…my son passed away suddenly. No warning. I was desperate for help. 2 years had passed and I was struggling immensely…I found COPE. I am so grateful.”

Join The Lifeline and provide powerful, life-saving, and life-giving support. We are so grateful for your consideration and so thankful to be connected to you in this transformational space of healing for those who need it most. 

P.S. If we convert 100 new monthly donors over the next 4 weeks, we can sustainably support the 32% increase in demand we’ve received since January of this year. The need is there. Our ability to meet it is critical. Together, we can do this! Sign up at any level and share the invitation with your family and friends! 

And bonus: Whether you sign up to donate $15/month or $200 – you’ll have a chance to win a signed electric guitar, courtesy of our friends in  Trans-Siberian Orchestra – a band whose music inspires so many and a band whose members have been touched by so much grief.