Lilly’s Inspirational Thoughts – March 2021

Mar 30, 2021 | COPE Contributors

I recently came across a grief exercise I did many years ago which helped me trust in my intuition and its potential to guide me.
The exercise was to answer these 5 questions with the first thoughts that came to mind.
1) What have I lost? 
My child. My baby.
Then the thought…
I’m still here. She’s still with me.
2) What are my strengths?
My ability to believe. My spirituality. My faith.
3) What is still left?
Her energy. Her love. Her essence. Our connection.
4) What do I need to leave behind?
The message that there’s something more than we can see.
5) What do I wish to keep?
This energy. This faith. This connection.
The exercise expanded my thinking to new possibilities for thought communication and flow of consciousness from a higher perspective. I didn’t know from where my thoughts were coming. However, it helped me cope.