Lilly’s Inspirational Thoughts – November, 2019

Nov 13, 2019 | COPE Contributors

Every year is different because Holidays have forever changed! There are so many missing and we’re missing ones we love. 

It is a time when many of us spiral and we feel especially vulnerable. Our love is expressed in grief and our Love process is part of the grief process, as we find new ways to connect and create new relationships with our love ones. 

The death may be the biggest part of your life right now but it’s only a small part of the love and life you shared. It’s important on birthdays, passing dates, and holidays to talk about your love ones with those closest to you. That love is a part of you. It is not past. It’s present. It’s always with you and contained in the stories you have to share. Love is the other side of grief. You grieve hard because of how much you continue to love. And that love is our eternal connection.

It’s okay to laugh and okay to cry! There’s connection in crying if you’re crying with people you feel safe with. Children are most resilient. They want to be happy. Giving yourself permission to be happy, even if it’s for the briefest of moments, allows it to grow.  

This Thanksgiving, I feel immense love and gratitude for my family and those who are here with me. I give thanks for COPE, all of our facilitators, Directors, Board, staff and volunteers who have made support possible for so many families.

You are all in my thoughts as I wish you peace, love, comfort and connection  with love ones surrounding you.