March 2018

Feb 27, 2018 | Parent Column

Forever 13

by Jane Shaw

“13”…It’s just a number.  To some it’s bad luck.  But to me it was always a very special number.  It was the birth dates of my son, Kevin and my youngest daughter Doreen. After I lost Kevin, I would see 13 appear at the most odd times.  I didn’t pay much attention to it initially.  However, as time passed I realized it took on a whole new meaning.  I am now convinced it’s Kevin’s way of reaching out to me. It is his way of letting me know that he is present, even though I can’t see him physically.

It became very apparent at the passing of my Mother, who had suffered a stroke and was left paralyzed and eventually went into a nursing home.  It was coming up on the 13th year after having the stroke.  Friday, April 13th was also coming up in a few days. I was visiting my Mother, who was elderly and suffering, She begged us for eternal peace.  I would repeat to her, as I had so many times before, “it isn’t time yet, G-d will let us know when”.  I left her room at the nursing home on April 10th and remember speaking to Kevin (hoping he could hear me).  I prayed hard and asked Kevin to show me a sign that he could hear me by gently taking my mother on the upcoming Friday, April 13th.  Hospice was called the evening of April 12th and by the morning of the 13th my mother had quietly passed.  I felt sure that he had heard me and was with her during her passing.  I was sure the  “13” was my sign.

Some might say it‘s a coincidence, but “too many coincidences” happen to me. I think very differently.  I know deep within my heart that Kevin’s energy is forever present.  I’ve learned to smile and acknowledge these wonderful signs.  

It’s now coming up to 13 years since Kevin passed and I thought it fitting to share his story.  Forever “13”