March 2018

Feb 27, 2018 | COPE Contributors

Dear COPE Families,
From the time that my daughter passed away from me, l have searched for her, looking for anything to ease my suffering from the pain of separation.
I found us in dreams, COPE, signs, messages, thoughts, and synchronicities.
I struggled to reinvent our relationship so that we could coexist.
I discovered after many years that, rather than feeling the distance of death, I could experience loving her as if she were here. I can carve out time to spend with her: meditating, taking a walk, being at the beach, shopping, watching a movie, dancing, singing, doing things we love…existing with her multi-dimensionally.
Love is the other side of grief and can bridge the gap of separation.
Filling our hearts with love helps to wash away the pain and sadness that engulfs us each time we hear of another child passing and siblings, families, and friends grieving their loss.
COPE President and Founder