May, 2017

May 7, 2017 | COPE Contributors

Words from COPE President and Founder, Lillian Julien

Dear COPE Families,

I was shattered by the loss of my child until I gradually found pieces of myself and strength to move forward.

Mother’s Day is a day that I struggle with to find ways to connect with my daughter and feel her with me.

I was lying in meditation this past week in a yoga class.
The music playing was “We are the Light.”
My mind went to the words written on my daughter’s gravestone… “Our Light.”
As the music played, I had the sudden awareness of that light being inside of me.
It is not only her light that guides me but “our light” that connects us.
I’ve found that only in spiritual connection can I find peace.

As mothers, we carry and give birth to our children.
As mothers we continue to carry our children inside of our being.
They are a part of us…in mind, in heart, in body and spirit.
My thoughts go out to all mothers.
And to all of our children who made us mothers.
And to all of our mothers who gave us life.
And to the love and light that connects us eternally.

COPE President and Founder