Minisode: When a Child Dies – Coping and Community

Mar 18, 2020 | COPE in the Media


How can we confront the loss of a child? As parents, it’s hard to contemplate how we’d ever move forward. As siblings, this type of loss can shake us to our core. In this mini-sode, Karen and Liz speak with Adam Rabinovitch, Executive Director of COPE Foundation, about getting help and connecting with others who can really understand because they’ve been there too. A content warning: this mini-sode includes a frank discussion around the topic of families losing a child. The conversation may be difficult or inappropriate for some listeners. We hope it will be helpful to those who really need it.


Farewelling co-founders Karen Bussen and Elizabeth Karansky sit down with Adam Rabinovitch, Executive Director of COPE Foundation, a non-profit grief and healing organization dedicated to helping parents and families living with the loss of a child.

Adam offers advice on navigating loss, finding community, and why he thinks of grief not in stages, but in waves. He shares a personal story, and tells us how we can be supportive if we know someone who has lost a child or sibling. Liz opens up about her experiences as a funeral director working with families to plan for a child who has died.

The COPE Foundation offers a variety of services and resources to families who’ve lost a child, including Camp Erin, a summer camp and regular schedule of events that bring families together to share, heal, and even celebrate.

To read more, visit us at If you’d like to speak to someone from the COPE Foundation, you can email or call 516-832-2673.


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