Parent Column – April 2021

Apr 1, 2021 | Parent Column

From Karen and Jim Hom
Brian Hom
As we reflect on the loss of our son, Brian James Hom we cannot seem to grasp the reality that time is passing us by, while we feel that Brian just left us yesterday. It’s been 10 years since we lost Brian in a car accident where he was an innocent bystander. None of his friends wanted to sit in the back seat of the dirty car, but Brian volunteered, and the driver went through a stop sign. With the passage of time, the sharpest part of the pain lessens to a small degree, but the devastation and grief continues with us everyday of our lives. At an early age of 18, we lost Brian. He was completing high school and had just been accepted into an elite college when the accident happened. He was a high energy, intelligent, fun loving and sport minded young man who loved his family and provided support to his community.
While we are in this world, Brian will always be loved by his brother, sisters and- most of all by his mom and dad. At some point in time, we will be all back together, but until then our hearts will continue to miss our beloved son. It has been the love and support from COPE that has helped us grieve and heal. With the dedicated help from this community, we have been able to express our grief and receive attention and commitment to help us on this unforeseen journey.