Parent Column – February 2022

Jan 31, 2022 | Parent Column

My precious Eddie.
8/19/78 – 12/11/18
Eddie was an angel, never being angry at anyone for anything.  Hit by a car, at 12 years old, labeled special education in New York City.  I became his strongest advocate, always pushing assertively for his needs.  He had a seizure disorder, tremors in both hands, impulsivity, lack of judgement, Traumatic Brain Injury!
He wanted to be an anesthesiologist.  While in elementary school, was an all American jock, gorgeous, 6ft 2 in, very popular in school, was an A student.  After that accident, he became a D – F student, always struggling.  However, he graduated with a regular diploma, thanks to my mom who studied with him so he could pass the RCT’s, which he did!
His final 16 years were in a nursing home, where we visited, took him out, and the whole staff loved him!!!
Missing my Eddie every single day, and this is why I’m on the path to become a special education teacher and help the many students who have special needs and advocate for them and their families!
Thank you for letting me share part of my Eddie’s story.
Catherine Nunez