Parent Column from Jayne Goldberg – July 2019

Jun 27, 2019 | Parent Column

As summer approaches, memories of celebrating birthdays with my son Dominic flood my mind.

As fall approaches, memories of losing my son Dominic flood my mind.

Amongst these memories I am reminded of what I am thankful for and how I have adapted.

I have gained membership to the club that no one wants to be part of. Through COPE I have found a support group that allows me to speak, cry , laugh and share without judgements. I have attended many special programs such as a writing workshop, art and music therapies, spiritual evenings and relaxation programs, to name a few.

Together we have gathered to remember all our children on National Childrens Remembrance Day. We gather together to remember all our children during labyrinth brick dedication.

My favorite gathering to remember all our children is the annual walk. I refer to this day as a celebration of Dominic. On this day his siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends all attend the walk at Long Beach. We have special t- shirts with his picture on it. Afterward we all come back to the house for lunch. Each year I make a token gift with his name and dates on it such as a photo magnet, or ornament.

Having my family and friends help me support COPE on this day of celebration means so much to me.

– Jayne Goldberg