Parent column from Joan Vera DaCorta – July 2019

Jun 26, 2019 | Parent Column

July 19th will be 8 years since my sweet loving Son Jason entered God’s Magnificent heaven at the tender age of 28.
I have included a poem he wrote to me, and one that I wrote to him along with his picture, it would be wonderful to share with my COPE family.
Writing has always helped me make it through so many difficult times.
– Joan Vera DaCorta
My Gentle Loving Son
A gentle breeze, a bird singing perched upon a tree,
 A beautiful butterfly gentle glides by me,
I know this is you, for I feel your loving touch,
 Calling, letting me know that you too, miss me oh so much.
There are no words to express this helpless feeling of pain and emptiness.
How could this be, is my question each and every day,
How did I fail, what did I do, for you to be taken away?
From my loving embrace, no longer to hear the
 Sound of your sweet voice,
Gone in just a fleeting moment, not even given a choice?
To hold you in my arms, to caress you ever So close to my heart;
To gaze upon your precious face, and Whisper,
I love you….Do not fear, Mommy is here.
You were gone before I reached you; not given the chance,
To pray & plead to our beloved Lord…please let him stay,
Within an instant my child, my heart, my life was taken away.
I know my Dear Jason I must carry on each day,
 Waiting for our Beloved Lord to come to me & say….
My dear Child, it is time to hold your precious Son once again,
And join him in my Glorious Heaven….till then.
You are my Son, the Heart, Spirit and Soul of me.
April 15, 2013 – Happy 30th Birthday In Heaven

The Greatest Gift
More reliable than the rising sun,
A more dedicated love does not exist;
For in all my life she has been the one,
Who has given me the greatest gift.
Her strength has carried me thru the rain,
That life will so often send;
But when my heart was inflicted with pain,
In my life, there has been no greater friend.
The weight of so many have been on her shoulder,
Yet, there is always room for me to cry;
And with every year that I become older,
I know that I will love her till the day I die.
She who is an angel, for the salvation she gave,
Will in my heart be the happiest thought I know;
For in my stupidity, my life she did save,
And her love will be with me wherever I shall go.

Love, Jason-
Written June 15, 2010

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A Beautiful Gentle Soul

Your Beautiful & Gentle Soul has left us,

Now embraced by Our Heavenly Father Above.

You are the Most Precious gift He gave me,

My Son, My Sweet Angel to Love.


I will always long to hear I love you Mom,

And to hold you in a tender loving embrace;

To see your warm & gentle smile, and those sparkling

Blue eyes that light up your face.


God broke my heart when He called you home,

To His Glorious Heaven above;

I know He must have missed and longed for,

The Sweet Gentle Boy He so loved.


You will never be far from me My Sweet Jason,

For within my heart you will always be;

I will feel your gentle touch in the warmth of the Golden Sunrise,

Hear your sweet voice from the birds in the trees,

& from the beauty and wonder of the blue skies above,

I will feel your Precious & Everlasting Love.


Never a Moment will go by that I will not long for you,

& wonder why God left me here alone,

And I will pray for the day when He will call you & Say,

Jason, it is time to bring your Mother Home


Till Then

With All My Love, Your Mom

In Heaven – July 19, 2011