Parent Column – Poem to Alex

Aug 14, 2019 | Parent Column

Alex passed on July 23, 2018. He had Lung cancer stage four and never smoked. He was told he had months to live but he won the battle against cancer when his spirit, attitude and determination to prove the doctors wrong kept him alive for almost 5 years. He worked everyday, traveled, got a big promotion and was alive to see a niece and nephew grow to be three and five. When he decided it was time to leave this world he returned to God two days later. He called the shots not Cancer.

The world goes on without you my son. How can it be the world minus one

We waited on Christmas your due date was then

But New Years came and we wondered when?

Then little Christmas came and so did you

Wrapped in fur with eyes so blue.

Your grace and charm and awesome laugh

You wowed them then you spread the graph

You wooed the girls, worked hard for Success And Pandora gave you an award for the best

To Dad and I you gave us your all

A protector to Dean

As you watched him crawl

You wined and dined us and then came the fall

We couldn’t believe it. How could this be

That God would take you away from me

My days lay idle it seems so glum that Alex won’t be calling to suggest more fun 

But after all the words of sorrow and pain

We promised to go on and carry your name

We promised to live the way you would want

And you’d b the leader and never you’d daunt

So although our family had been torn apart

I promise to you we won’t b distraught

Although there will be times this pledge will be hard to bear

We’ll do it we’ll be happy for you my Dear

-Andrea Hanan