President’s Message – September 2019

Sep 4, 2019 | Co-President's Messages

Welcome to September! While still summer, the languor and laughter of vacation days are waning. I always felt that those first chilly evenings was back to work time, even though once I graduated college, I no longer had summers off!

These days,  I am thinking about the work of COPE. My job at COPE is simply to help keep the organization going. That means I worry about three things: 1) helping our board and staff be the best at their jobs, 2) making sure we have enough financial resources to keep COPE strong and,  3) paying attention to what services and programs our families want and need. I don’t fix these issues by myself; I just work to make sure that we all work together  to address them successfully.

We have a strong and talented board, with some members having joined us four months ago and others the founders who have shepherded COPE for 20 years. Our staff and board work hard to raise the money to keep us going and provide the services that will keep our families going. We have our annual Golf Outing, our wonderful COPE Walk, a phenomenal bowling event held in Manhattan as well as sustained efforts in seeking grant support from foundations and other groups. Our directors, Adam Rabinovich, our Executive Director, and Michelle Graff, our Clinical director, work to get both dollars and services to make sure that you, our families, get the care you want and need.

In addition,  there are other ways that you, the families of COPE can help. Yes, you can win the lottery and make a generous gift—I can dream. But what I wanted you to know about are small and smart ways that all of us can keep COPE thriving.

For example:

  • COPE Foundation has made an important addition to our fundraising efforts. We are participating in the Investors Bank Care2Share Program, a free benefit that will provide us with regular contributions throughout the year.  Information on how you can help us increase the amount of these contributions will follow in a future newsletter. Please stay tuned! 
  • Do you like pizza? Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza in Syosset loves to support charities, and have you enjoy their delicious Italian food. Go out for dinner on designated days of the month and they will give 20% of your dinner tab to COPE. While you’re eating pizza, COPE is making money. Your cost, a delicious meal with friends and family (feel free to invite me to join you!!!).
  • How about live theater? The Argyle Theater in Babylon likes great shows and talented award winning actors on their stage. The owners of the theater also like supporting non-profits on Long Island. You buy a ticket, they give part of their proceeds to COPE! Easy-peasy!

And there are ways you can help COPE by joining us in our programs. We want to offer more workshops, the kind that may help you develop stronger managing skills (what we have can’t be cured).  Would you be interested in coming to a meeting for parents who have lost their only child? Or a special workshop for those who have lost their child in a sudden violent death? Have you had to deal with police and lawyers? What if you are a grandparent and worrying about your grandchildren? Or lost an infant and don’t know if you can start all over again?

Our staff is deeply committed to creating safe spaces to share and learn and lean on the kindness of those in our community.  Please come and talk to us about how COPE can help you the most.