Nov 29, 2020 | COPE Contributors

So many aspects of the world right now are reminiscent of my early grief…The isolation, distancing, fear, anxiety, and depression are all familiar feelings, creating vulnerability and a lack of control. My inner world is being challenged by the threat of illness, frightening news, and the polarized state of our country. Maintaining my inner peace depends on what I allow into my inner world. 
Early on in my grief journey, I needed to weed my garden of the situations and people that were toxic. From there, I was able to nurture my soul with the spiritual practices that brought me closer to my daughter and loved ones who had passed. I was able to embrace them in inner conversations, music, activities, and nature. I could revel in their signs and messages that resonated in my heart and brought me peace. I could choose what I allowed into my sacred space. I’ve heard that imagination is our soul speaking. It’s what inspires us, motivates us, and gives us hope.
Especially now, as we move through the election and into Thanksgiving — a challenging time for us all — we need to create an inner world where we can feel safe and connected, a place where we can feel the love that is with us always. 
– Lilly Julien