September and October 2018

Jul 30, 2018 | COPE Contributors

Dear COPE Families,
Transitioning from summer to fall can be overwhelming under normal circumstances; adjusting to a different work schedule, settling back to school, or reorganizing closets and drawers to hold warmer clothing.
Transitioning into a life without our loved one is monumental. How do we find the tools to go on living? COPE offers us healing tools to help us through our grief with the support of people who understand and care. 
Workshops at Cedarmere in October include:
  • Art Therapy
  • Walking meditation 
  • Writing group.
You don’t have to be creative to partake. Expressing yourself through Art is therapeutic, in the same way that Writing and Journaling are an outlet to express your feelings and thoughts. Walking and being in nature is soothing to the soul and uplifting to the body, mind and spirit. 
Many years ago in my early grief, I remember not knowing how I would get through each day. These healing tools helped me to not only survive but thrive. It’s easier to get up from bed and out the door knowing that a group awaits you in a safe, serene, and nurturing space. 
Hoping that COPE can help your tension “fall” away and be replaced with some peace.