“They Tell Me”  By Esther Bogin, Heath’s Mom

Jul 2, 2017 | Poems & Writings

Parent Poem


In Memory of Heath Bogin


They Tell Me

 By Esther Bogin, Heath’s Mom


They tell me “time heals everything.”

Movies – the tears – TV shows – the sobs – the quiet, alone moments.

They tell me “time helps you to deal better.”

Holidays – celebrations – birthdays – the bittersweet in my enjoyment.

They tell me “in time it will get easier.”

New memories – plans for tomorrow – family – friends – the void, the empty space.

They tell me “in time it gets deeper.”

The should-be’s – the could have been’s – the why’s – the wish to go back in time.

They tell me “time doesn’t take the pain away, it just takes longer for it to come out.”

They tell me so many words;  all with good intention;  so many words that I really don’t remember.

When they say time heals everything,  I want to ask them “how?”    How can time heal missing you?  How can time heal my wishing you were here?  How can time heal the hurt knowing that I am living without you with me?    How can time do all of that?  How can time do all of that?

Time may heal everything- just not loving you, my sweet son.