To our COPE Families – end of year appeal

Dec 16, 2021 | Co-President's Messages

To our COPE families,

I am sure that many of you have had your fill of COPE email over the last few days. For all nonprofits, end of year appeals for financial support are our way of assuring that we can provide programs and services for the next year.

COPE, helping bereaved families mourning the loss of a child for over 20 years, is deeply committed to helping not only the families who need us now, but those who will need us tomorrow.  To make that happen, we need your help.

Currently, we get over 25 calls a week from families looking for help in carrying the grief they are suddenly experiencing. We have hired new facilitators to run more groups and continue to expand our workshops. This year we hired a clinical director to enhance our programs and assure their quality. So I am asking:

  • If you have found support in your group, please consider making a donation;
  • If you have joined us at some of our workshops and felt better afterwards, please consider making a donation;
  • If you read our newsletters and feel moved by our columns and healing tips, please consider making a donation;
  • If you know that having others join you on your grief journey has helped you and your family, please consider making a donation.

Join us in keeping COPE strong so we can continue to be here for you all of you today and help those who will need us tomorrow.

Here are just some of the ways that you can help:

Wishing you comfort in the loving memories of those you have lost,

Sandy Wolkoff

Board President, COPE Foundation