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“As You Are” with Sarah Snider – Wednesday April 21st from 6 – 7 pm

Meeting ourselves on the mat – a movement and meditation practice.This is a class to hold space for ourselves, move, and breath. With no pressure, no expectations, or no judgements we will practice gentle yoga and self compassion. No experience necessary, all levels and all bodies are welcome. The only requirement is to come as you are.Class will begin with pausing to connect and check in with our bodies, minds, and emotions.
Sarah will guide the class through gentle yoga postures and stretches to open and move the body. In this “move at your own pace” practice you will be given space to notice where grief, unease, or even joy can show up in the body and we will continually offer ourselves love and kindness to those places.Class will end with deep relaxation and simple guided imagery meditation. This will be a time to just move, breath, and be.
About Sarah:
Sarah Snider is 500+ hour certified Yoga and Prenatal Yoga Teacher based in New York City and Greenwood Lake, NY. She is the owner / founder of Greenwood Lake Yoga.Sarah teaches students of all levels seeking to develop their understanding of yoga and improve mental and physical health. Her classes combine alignment, vinyasa, and relaxation.
“I just want to help people feel good!” – Sarah
Online: Zoom Link to be provided to registrants
Date: Wednesday April 21st 2021
Time: 6pm – 7pm
Hosted by: Sarah Snider
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“How Long Does Grief Last?” with Mark Henricks

Please join us online Tuesday April 27th at 6 pm Eastern for a special workshop “How Long Does Grief Last?” with Mark Henricks

Presented in partnership with Pinelawn Memorial Park And Arboretum

Date: Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Time: 6pm Eastern

Location: Online – a secure Zoom link will be provided to registrants.

Click here to register with Pinelawn and join – limited space available

About the program: Contrary to popular belief, decades of research into experiences of bereaved people shows grief DOES have a schedule – or, rather, schedules. There is a lot of individual variation. But most grief experiences track a handful of routes.

At this seminar, bereaved father and journalist Mark Henricks will share the scientific evidence about what bereaved people can probably expect in the months and years ahead. You’ll hear about the most likely length and intensity of future grieving episodes. You’ll see evidence supporting the idea that no matter what you feel and when you feel it, it’s probably normal.

And, if you’re worried about forgetting your lost loved one, well, you will learn you can probably forget about THAT happening, even if you live to 100.

Learn more about Mark and his work, click here. 

Click here to register with Pinelawn and join – limited space available

Upon registration, you will be sent the invitation to the Zoom online workshop.

For questions, contact Kristyn Hovanec, Pinelawn Marketing Manager, at or 631.249.6100 x 115.

“Exploring Grief Wisdom, A Path of Healing” with Charlene Ray, MSW – May 17th

Join us Monday May 17th at 6 pm EST for “Exploring Grief Wisdom, A Path of Healing” with Charlene Ray, MSW
From Charlene:
Please join me for an introduction to walking the path of the grief wisdom wheel.
This is a unique way of exploring grief and creating a plan to nurture yourself during times of grief. It is a culmination of my work over the years developing self-care plans, soul mapping, and working with the Celtic medicine wheel. We will start in the center, grounding ourselves in our own inner wisdom, and then travel the wheel in the four directions to explore the gifts of the elements (earth, air, fire, and water).
We will discuss an overview of the wheel, how grief and nature are connected, reflecting on our own personal relationship with grief, and gaining tools for accessing our inner wisdom. We will focus on self-compassion and care of the heart as we explore the ways grief has touched our lives.
Online: Zoom Link to be provided to registrants
Date: Monday May 17th 2021
Time: 6pm – 7:30 pm
Presented by: Charlene Ray
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About Charlene:
Charlene Ray, MSW is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and has been in practice as a therapist, grief guide, and workshop facilitator for 35 years. She works for Forefront Suicide Prevention as a coach and trainer.
Charlene studied mindful self-compassion, nature-based therapies, rites of passage, suicide prevention, grief and loss therapy, and blends all of the traditions and techniques, with her intuitive work, to create an individualized and powerful experience for each client and program she facilitates.
Charlene teaches mindfulness in the school, K-6, and facilitates Mindful Self-Compassion for the Bereaved.
Charlene has led programs for school districts and organizations on various mental health topics and is a frequent speaker at Sno-Isle Library Issues that Matter events. She presented a 2020 TEDx talk on Seeing Grief in a New Light.
Connect with Charlene here:
Join us for three Wednesday sessions May 19, May 26, June 2 at 6:00 pm EST
Join COPELife After Loss A.N.D.R.E. and Your Grief Specialist for this special series including conversations on: 
  • Supporting families and communities of color living with loss, including men and fathers
  • Healing through traumatic and complicated grief, including loss to gun violence
  • Supporting parents, families and siblings living with the loss of a child, brother or sister
  • Healing from loss connected to youth, including the loss of young people and the losses young people face 
Dates: Wednesdays May 19, May 26, June 2
Time: 6:00 pm EST
Online: Secure Zoom Link to be provided to registrants
Limited spaces available. RSVP and register at EventBrite by clicking here.
With Pinelawn Cemetery – Registration will open in May 2021 through
Workshop: ““Grief and Loss in the Time of COVID-19” – with Dr. Deborah Carr
Date and Time: Tuesday June 22nd 2021 from 6 – 7 PM Eastern
About Deborah:

Deborah Carr is Professor and Chair of Sociology at Boston University. She earned her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1997.  Dr. Carr has held faculty positions at University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin, and most recently at Rutgers University, where she was acting director of the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy & Aging Research. Her research interests include aging and the life course, psychosocial factors influences on health over the life course, and end-of-life issues. Her book Golden Years: Social Inequalities in Later Life (2019, Russell Sage) received the 2020 Kalish Innovative Publication Award from the Gerontological Society of America. The book delves into the ways that persistent race, class, and gender inequalities shape experiences of old age in the United States. She is co-editor (with Kenneth Ferraro) of the Handbook of Aging & the Social Sciences, 9th ed(2021, Elsevier).

Full bio:

Connect with Deborah:

Deborah’s Website:

Deborah’s Email: 

Deborah’s Twitter Handle: @Deborah20935886

Sample of Deborah’s work: “Bereavement in the Time of Coronavirus”:


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