President’s Message – March 2019

Mar 12, 2019 | Co-President's Messages

When my older son was killed, I, a social worker, went to a therapist. He was great and was a great help in many areas of my life. But losing a child, well that seemed tough for both of us. He suggested that I have a few sessions with a bereavement specialist and I did. She, too, was wonderful: compassionate, patient and not afraid of the raw pain of grief.

But when Phyllis Wiener, a COPE parent, said in my writing group, “We are members of a club that no one wants to join”, I finally could breath. That was what I felt. I was me, but not quite. I was just different. But in this “club”, sadly, I fit in. I belonged.

That is what COPE is– a club no one wants to join….until we have to.

COPE, our Board, our families, our staff, are all committed to healing and helping our families. Helping others in our “club” reminds us of our strength and how we can bring others along on this new journey.

Several years ago, a Co-Founder of COPE, Richard Berg, made a statement that was so important and very moving. He said, “The next level of healing is helping.” He’s right.

Let’s all help each other heal: come to our support groups, join us in our workshops and please come to our events.

For this 20th anniversary year, we will again have our biggest annual fundraiser, our Golf Outing, on Monday, May 20th, at the Glen Head Country Club. If there are golfers in your family, send them over. I don’t play golf either, but join us for dinner with our COPE families and celebrate our honorees.

Check our website,, for more information on what we do and other ways to support the programs of COPE. Come to COPE for help and healing. Support COPE so we can be there for the families who will need us next.

My best,

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